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Support with Supplements

Let me start by saying that nothing beats proper nutrition; however, there are times that our bodies can benefit from taking quality supplements to support our goals.

Especially when you are working toward fitness goals or trying to keep sickness out of your house, these may be some great options for you to keep on hand and incorporate into your routine. This is a quick look (and where to find) all the supplements that me or my family take.

I have grouped them by source and provided links to where you can find all of them and ways to save when you shop. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

  • Triple Defense Boost (Immunity Support) - I love to supplement with vitamin C, D and Zinc to support my immune system and keep sickness out of my house. This one also has Echinacea, Elderberry and Ginseng AND it tastes absolutely delicious.

  • Chewable Vitamin C - these taste like sweat-tarts, but are loaded with Vitamin C. I give these to the kids and they ask for more! Such a good way to boost their immunity as well. I may or may not sneak some too for extra vit-c because they are so tasty

  • Probiotics : Optiflora Di - I notice such a difference in my digestive system and reducing bloat when I incorporate a probiotic into my routine. Also a perk: a healthy gut can keep you from getting sick as well.

  • Sustained Energy Boost - a clean energy product that has a gradual and sustained effect (not just an instant buzz) and NO CRASH. I use these instead of my old sugary coffee habit to get me going in the morning.

  • Plant Based Protein: Life Shake - I thought these would taste terrible, but they are delicious and smooth! Made with plant protein and they are formulated with a low glycemic index (which means it will keep your blood sugar levels stable). I like to use these as a quick protein-filled snack or I add them into smoothies for more of a liquid lunch that tastes like milkshake.

  • Meal in a Bar - THE tastiest meal replacement bar I have ever tried (and I've tried a bunch). These have a light and krispy texture, and are insanely filling (sometimes I can't quite finish mine). Blueberry Almond and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip are favorites for both my husband and I. He also gives them a 10/10 for taste and filling him up.

  • Collagen-9 - The most complete collagen protein product I have found, and at a great price point. Collagen supports our joints, skin, and hair, and when it is paired with all nine essential amino acids to replicate a complete protein - it helps with muscle repair as well. With 10g of quality collagen in a serving, it is hard to beat the price per gram on this one, and none deliver the protein benefits. I like to drink this with my energy drink in the morning to get some extra protein in with breakfast.

  • Dream Serene - sometimes it is hard to fall asleep, and stay asleep. Enter this natural sleeping aid! I haven't had any luck with melatonin in the past, but this one is a blend with other natural herbs and makes me sleep so peacefully.

You can find all of the above (plus more) on my Pomifera website. If you grab them in a collection (with multiple products in one bundle) you save 5%! And for a limited time you get double cash back rewards on them.

Keep reading to see other supplements found elsewhere on the web...

Some other supplements that I use on a regular basis include:

  • MELT - I love this for a burst of energy, either in the morning instead of the one I listed above, or as a pre-workout. I don't notice a crash with this either, but it isn't quite as clean of ingredients. I do like the addition of L-carnitine which can help with proper fat utilization when in a calorie deficit. Fruit punch is my favorite flavor.

  • Essentials Amino Acids - also known as BCAA, these are naturally occurring in foods but most people don't get enough. Our body cannot make these amino acids, yet we need them to create and maintain muscle. Properly fuel your muscles and you will noticed better recovery from workouts and more energy during. I have used BCAA since I started competing in figure competitions and really notice a difference with and without them. Guava Nectarine is my favorite flavor.

  • Whey Protein - I don't think I've ever had a bad flavor from them. Very clean ingredients for a whey protein (trust me, cheap ones with fillers will wreck your digestive system). So smooth and again, I use them as a protein packed snack or added into smoothies.

  • Reds and Purples - a great way to get antioxidants found in all the red and purple fruits and veggies when you know you don't eat enough of them! This also includes digestive enzymes which help your body break down everything else you eat as well. They do also make Greens if you struggle to get in all your green minerals as well.

  • High Protein Nut Butter - the Cookie Butter is my absolute favorite, and I recently tried the Cinnamon Crunch and it is good as well. These are nut butters (cashew, almond or peanut) that have a little added protein. They are smooth and a really tasty treat. I like to have mine on a rice cake, but you could drizzle over some fruit as well.

You can find the above set of supplements at Bowmar Nutrition. Use this link to save $10 off your order!

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