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Cream Makeup FAQs

Since launching the addition of make-up to my website and my partnership with SEINT, I have had many inquiries and wanted to take the opportunity to answer the most frequently asked questions thus-far:

1. What is it?

Simple Makeup. Really!

SEINT uses a unique approach to makeup that allows for great coverage and color with minimal products and layers. Your face makeup is all cream-based and consists of a variety of highlight shades, contour, blush, bronzer, or illuminator depending on your personal preferences. You really can use as much or as little as you want! Most days, I only use a brightener under my eyes and some bronzer on my cheekbones. But when I want to go out on the town I will do a full face combination to get a nice light layer with a WOW effect.

2. Why Cream?

Cream makeup, when it is a good quality, has several benefits. It stays put all day, offers buildable coverage, is gentle on the skin and is great for all skin types. Yes, even very oily or super dry (however, we should talk skincare as well if these describe you). Cream makeup is also quick and easy to apply. I love the simplicity of it and how forgiving it is!

3. Can I use cream makeup if I have wrinkles and fine lines?

Yes! Cream makeup is one of the best types for mature skin because the cream acts as a second skin. Where some other foundations or powders can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, cream will move with your skin.

4. Is it really that easy to apply?

You see the videos on Instagram of Tik Tok with crazy dots (or "war paint" as my Dad likes to call it) all over someone's face. The work a brush around real quick and BOOM - makeup is done. And, yes! It really is that easy. One or two trials may be needed to find your own sweet spot on the amount and placement that you prefer (I can help you figure all that out) and after that you will be on your way to quick and simple makeup anytime you want it.

5. How do I know what colors I need?

When you look on the site, the amount of colors available to choose from can be overwhelming. There is iiiD, highlight, contour, lip & cheek, bronze, illuminate... the choices are amazing because they allow for complete customization for every individual. Have no fear, with one good photo from you and a few easy questions, I can pick you out the perfect colors for you so that it takes the guessing out of the equation. Send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email with your selfie and the words "Color Match".

6. What should my picture look like for the best color match?

You should have a clean face (no makeup) with good lighting and include your full face and neck/upper chest area as well. The absolute best lighting is natural light, but not in direct sunlight. Find a window in your house that lets a good amount of light through but is not getting a direct sun beam through it at the time. Stand in front of the window, hold that arm out, and snap a selfie! I made this graphic as a perfect example for you to go by.

Now, let's see those selfies!

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