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Beat the Winter Skin Blues

It happens to all of us... winter air brings with it a lot of dryness, and for our skin that can mean dry flaky patches, rough texture, acne breakouts (from over-production of oil to combat of the lack of moisture), dull skin tone and more. These are common skin complaints that I have experienced, and my clients come to me for help with in the winter months - or even when you live in a year-round dry climate like the mountains.

What can we do to combat this?

Healthy skin that we love is the goal! So of course we want to protect our skin and provide it with the proper hydration that it needs.

Here are my top tips to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best through the dry, winter season.

  1. Use the right cleanser. One reason that I love the cleansers from Pomifera is because they are formulated to be hydrating and conditioning to the skin while still effectively removing impurities. Some people - myself included - benefit from switching from a "normal/oily" formula to one for "dry/sensitive" in the winter.

  2. Add a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The name might sound a little scary, but this is actually a naturally occurring substance that your body produces (production decreases as we age, just like collagen) and it increases your skins ability to retain moisture. Pomifera has one that you can find here, and it is a game changer! Most of my clients notice a difference overnight when adding this to their routine.

  3. Moisturize! Yes, even if you have oily/acne skin. You want something that is light enough to penetrate the skin to really get into the tissue but still packs a punch. I use a cream and an oil moisturizer (layering on top of one another) for maximum hydration & anti-aging benefits.

  4. Exfoliate. While we do want to be careful of any sensitive areas and avoid scrubbing active acne, it is still important to clear off anything that is dry, dead skin as it comes up. Once or twice a week I like a gentle, physical exfoliant. This one is incredibly nourishing while it scrubs and will leave you feeling silky smooth.

  5. DRINK water! It is so underestimated and we often don't drink as much when it isn't hot outside. Don't forget to get at least a gallon in a day and your skin (and body) will thank you!

  6. What about your body? - Dry hands and body areas are also a common concern this time of year. The same tips from above can help keep you soft from head to toe! Use a hydrating body scrub, grab my favorite body lotion (with hyaluronic acid built into it) or the new silk body milk for moisture all over - my favorite time to apply either is right after I get out of the shower! For those dry, cracked hands: my favorite is our ultra-rich hand cream! And keep dem lips happy with our Happy Salve. I have one upstairs, one downstairs, one in my purse and one in my car because everyone in my family loves it!

Leave me a note!

What tip(s) do you think will help you this winter, and what others would you add to this list?

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